Passion Project Benefits a Chicagoland School

Passion Project Benefits a Chicagoland School

I recently had the opportunity to turn one of my passion projects into a permanent showcase at a Chicagoland school.

One evening while scrolling through my phone, I stumbled on a post about a Kinetic Sandbox that a father built for his four-year-old son. It instantly caught my attention. After thinking about it for a few days, I thought to myself, “this is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I should build one!”

Fast-forward a few months and 66-pounds of kinetic sand later, and I had a working prototype proudly on display at the True Productions office.

A friend of mine saw it one day in the office and mentioned that the Illinois Science Council was having an event and thought it would be great to feature the Sandbox.

The reaction it received at the event was overwhelmingly positive and I was introduced to a teacher at Plum Grove Junior High. She told me about their latest efforts to modernize their school library and asked if I would be interested building a Sandbox for the school.

I mentioned that we have been looking for a permanent home for the Sandbox and offered to install it as a permanent exhibit for their new library.

Our lives are centered around our passions. It was wonderful to know that True Productions built something that will have a continued impact on an entire school for years to come. We encourage all of you to explore a passion you may have forgotten about and bring it to life. You never know who’s going to be interested in it!