Our Past, Present, and Future

Our Past, Present, and Future

We are excited to introduce a new weekly series called True Stories. Please read on to learn some details about the projects, and head to our Instagram to watch the story unfold starting Tuesday. If any of them resonate with you, follow us on Instagram and don’t keep us a secret out there!

For our first story, we wanted to take a moment to look back, observe where we are now, and peer outward to see where we’re going.

The Past:

When looking at our past, we found a speaking promo that we made for Brian Moran in the spring of 2012. Brian is a best-selling author, leadership expert, and motivational speaker for The 12 Week Year, and being able to call Brian and his company a client was a big deal for True Productions. When you look at the video on Instagram, you can see just how far we (as well as technology) have come. For example, at the time, the motion background used in the beginning of the video took two hours to render and  even more to find. The reason that we were only able to use basic white text is because the computer we edited on couldn’t handle the processing power of anything else. What’s important to take away from this video isn’t the dated effects, but what we were able to learn from it. After making this video, Brian Moran became our first monthly retainer client. The best part is, he still is a monthly retainer client seven years later. It’s an important lesson that we follow today to always go above and beyond for clients. As the years have come and gone, we’ve been able to help spread his message, and we couldn’t be more proud.

The Present:

The best representation of who we are is our reel. It’s the visual story of what we have been working on, and what we are proud to show to the world. Crafting something that distills our work while portraying our style and capabilities is of the utmost importance to us. We poured hours into breaking down what should be included in the reel, what brought us joy while we were creating it, and what should we eliminate in favor of more compelling footage. There are times when someone came back from a shoot, and they couldn’t wait to cut it into the reel. For Sean, a standout was meeting Spike Lee. We filmed him at a basketball benefit for gang violence on Chicago’s south side with Connor Sports. After we interviewed him, he won a much-deserved Academy Award for Best Director. So, now, we even have an Oscar winner on the reel!

The Future:

As a company, we have been growing steadily since our inception, and we are always deciding where we go from here. What types of production and design work do we want to work on? We’ve made mistakes, tried to not repeat them, listened to our peers and each other, experimented, and ultimately grown. We are looking towards 2019 and beyond with open eyes. We have included a teaser of a few time-lapses from an upcoming project with architecture firm FGM. It’s spanned over half a year, required long drives, flights, interviews and location scouts, and has been a truly rewarding process. On the Instagram page, the footage shown is of the sun rising for the day ahead. As True Productions grows as a company, we can’t wait to bring exposure to countless new clients, too.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first story.

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