TRUE Stories: Ignite Glass Studios

TRUE Stories: Ignite Glass Studios

We are excited to introduce a new weekly series called True Stories. Please read on to learn some details about the projects, and head to our Instagram to watch the story unfold starting Tuesday. If any of them resonate with you, follow us on Instagram and don’t keep us a secret out there!

We picked Ignite Glass Studios as a client to highlight this week because we felt they are a perfect example of the ideology of what True Productions strives to accomplish. We connected through mutual curiosity, established a relationship for video that than transitioned to our web services, and ultimately empowered the client to grow their business and skillset.

It Started With a Video:

In the spring of last year, our video team decided to start creating a series of spec projects. Each spec piece would be created with the goal to show off abilities that we don’t get to normally showcase, as well as try and hopefully learn a new trick or two. Sean approached a local business that he had been to and had a great time at; Ignite Glass Studios. He wanted to show off their skills of glass manipulation in ways that he wasn’t seeing on their website at the time.

Stylistically, the video was also designed to show off the more cinematic capabilities of our new camera, the Black Magic 4.6K URSA Pro.  Sean spent the day with the team at Ignite getting to know them and filming the space as well as the team working. The piece helped tell the story of what Ignite is, by creating a tone both from visuals, as well as a musical score created by our editor, Zach Harris

…that Became a Website:

The relationship that formed from creating the video helped establish trust and a rapport with Ignite Glass Studios. This newfound relationship was the foundation for submitting a web proposal for a custom automation system and a total web redesign. During the meeting, we were able to play the first cut of the video and received an amazing response. Ultimately, we built a custom system that included feature such as cart abandonment, a referral program, customer surveys, online ticketing and calendaring, and admin panels (just to name a few). The best part, was we even took our spec piece and repurposed it to use as the banner video on the front page! Please checkout their website at

…that Built a Great Relationship:

During the process of video and web services, we worked extensively with Ignite’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Sean Thorndike. It’s important in all of our relationships to not just do everything they ask, but to also use our extensive knowledge to offer them things that maybe they themselves didn’t even know were possible. It’s not just about giving someone what they want, but also giving them the tools to grow. Having an extensive knowledge of scheduling software, Sean knew what he didn’t want. But through our abilities, we were able to build Ignite something completely custom that fit their specific needs. Please head to our Instagram on Friday to see what he has to say!

Thank you for taking the time to read another of our TRUE Stories. Please continue to follow along on Instagram, and reach out if this story spoke to you.