Pre-Dev Process: Market Research

Pre-Dev Process: Market Research

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As part of our web design services, we offer a 10-step predevelopment process that helps us execute your vision for your new site. 10 steps sounds like a lot, and it is! But it’s also the best way for us to get to know you and your organization so we can build you a website that speaks to your goals, your vision, and your company culture. The process includes design comps, wireframes, conversations with key stakeholders and potential site users, all with the goal of developing the perfect web experience, tailored to the needs of your audience. Every piece of that puzzle has value, but today’s post is focused on Market Research.

How does True Productions conduct Market Research?

This is one of the first steps in the pre-development process. After we meet with your project stakeholders to determine the goals for your project, upcoming challenges for your business, short-term and long-term goals for your business, and how we will move forward together, our team conducts market research to gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s place in the market. 

During this phase, we research each of the following questions: 

  • Who is your competition? 
  • What are the current industry trends?
  • How is your current website being used? 
  • Who are your potential customers? 
  • What are your users’ shopping and buying habits? 
  • How large is your target market?
  • What are your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses?
  • How are their websites constructed–what are they doing right, and what are they doing wrong?

We use this time to challenge assumptions made at the start of the project–both our own assumptions and ones that your team has made, to make sure that we’re looking at the landscape with a fresh set of eyes. 

The culmination of this process is a Research Summary and Research Ramp-Up outline. You’ll receive a detailed summary that outlines the answers to each of these questions, as well as key insights about your brand and what your competitors are doing. As we move forward in the pre-development process, all of this data will help us create a customized, effective site design that drives results for your organization.  

At True Productions, we make your business work for you by bringing your vision to life–but that’s a cooperative, iterative process that requires input at each stage. It’s vital to us that at the end of the project you’re delighted with the site we’ve built. This is another checkpoint along the way to development that helps us make sure that you are not just “okay” with the design we’ve created together, but excited by it!