New Website: EDEN Supportive Living

New Website: EDEN Supportive Living

EDEN Supportive Living is a network of amazing communities built on one simple but powerful premise: Everyone Deserves Equal Nobility. The folks who live in these buildings are the true superstars, and we were so pumped to have the chance to work with individuals in each of the Chicagoland buildings to take photos and videos that highlight their contributions to the communities they live in.⁠

This project touched nearly every part of True Productions expertise–design, web, photography, and videography services–and it was an amazing experience to have complete creative control. We love this website for a lot of reasons, but it’s a particularly profound example of how much further you can get with custom imagery, instead of relying on only stock images.⁠

SERVICES PROVIDED: Web Design, Development, Photography, Videography

OUR TOOLS: WordPress, Elementor Pro, Image Compressor, Adobe Photoshop, inVision, Project Huddle