LearnDash Development

Do you need an Expert LearnDash Developer?

If you’re looking for expert LearnDash developers, let True Productions help you customize your ideal Learning Management System. LearnDash is an LMS Plugin that allows for nearly infinite customization and is the perfect way to deliver your custom course, webinar, or other learning experience. 

While LearnDash is easy to use, it can be daunting to set up out of the box. Let our team meet with you to discuss your vision of the perfect LMS for your content and develop a plan to customize LearnDash for your specific needs. Whatever you can imagine, our expert LearnDash developers can bring it to life. From customized views to new plugin solutions, our LearnDash developers are here for you. 

Expert LearnDash Developer

Why Work With an Expert LearnDash Developer ?

Our expert LearnDash developers know what the LearnDash LMS can do out of the box, and how to get the most out of it with customization and add-ons.  

LearnDash Set-Up and LMS Development

Our expert LearnDash developers will build you a quality learning and training environment–one that meets all the latest standards in online delivery of education. 
LearnDash is used by educational experts around the world to deliver engaging educational content. 

Immersive Learning Experience

You need an expert LearnDash developer to to help you create the perfect learning experience for your audience. Incorporate videos, handouts, presentations, quizzes, exams, PowerPoints, Prezis–whatever you use to teach, our expert LearnDash developers can bring it to life. 

Expert LearnDash Consultation and Support

More than just your tech team, our expert LearnDash developers will work with you to help you decide what you need in a LearnDash LMS configuration. Most importantly, our process is collaborative, so that you receive expert LearnDash guidance and support tailored to YOUR needs. 

WooCommerce Integrated

Our expert LearnDash developers are also experts in all things WordPress, including WooCommerce. We’ll help make sure that your content is available on your own private e-commerce channel and delivered expertly. 

Membership Oriented Content

As LearnDash experts, our team is well-versed in creating membership experiences that support your customized LearnDash platform. Our team of expert LearnDash developers use proven tools like Memberium and iMember360 to connect LearnDash to your chosen CRM, controlling every level of the experience for your audience.

LearnDash Quiz Customization

Not satisfied with your LearnDash quizzes? Our team of expert LearnDash developers can help customize your quizzes and tests to give you simple reporting, easy grading, and the ideal student experience. 

Have Expert LearnDash Developers Customize Your LMS

We start with the basic LearnDash plugin, but our expert LearnDash developers don’t stop there. We’ll have detailed conversations with you to determine the best way to deliver your content and then go behind the scenes of LearnDash to customize every aspect, bit by bit. 

Our expert LearnDash developers will ensure that your content is delivered according to the latest guidance in digital instruction and delivery. As expert LearnDash developers, we’re experienced in developing custom add-ons and unique plugins to get the absolute most out of your LMS. 

We’ll customize your template from start to finish, and provide training on every facet of the LearnDash LMS platform–course setup, quiz setup, and certificate creation. Our expert LearnDash developers will make sure your LearnDash courses are technically sound, visually beautiful, and easy to use. 

What Makes True Productions an Expert LearnDash Developer?

True Productions is a premier digital media agency that specializes in web design, including WordPress and LearnDash development. Our expert LearnDash developers deliver well-designed, technically sound, and expertly crafted LearnDash templates to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience.

True Productions stands out as an expert LearnDash developer because we cultivate close relationships with our clients. We seek to understand their mission, identity, goals, and use our expertise in LearnDash architecture to bring these elements to life.

Are you ready to start delivering your educational content with an expert LearnDash Developer? Look no further than True Productions. As expert LearnDash developers, our designers are always happy to give more information or help you get started today. Call (312) 392-0878 or you may Contact Us Here!