New Website: True Productions

New Website: True Productions

As a company with a core service as Website Design, we realized the importance of keeping our own website up to date. We’re always excited to share our work with the world. ⁠

Here are some of the cool new features we implemented in our new site design:⁠

➔ Custom animated video on the home page. We simplify the chaos and confusion that comes from the digital world and make it work for a specific business.⁠

➔ We took our own pictures. We think websites are better when they incorporate original pictures specific to the business.⁠

➔ Updated Project section. Instead of just showing pretty pictures of projects we created case studies. ⁠

➔ Created a filtering feature. On our video services page we created a filtering feature to easily show potential clients what types of videos we produce. ⁠

➔ Updated blog layout. Content IS king. We are working hard to keep content fresh on our blog. ⁠

➔ We invested in SEO services. We started realizing how important SEO was to our clients. So we invested in SEO services for our own website and we are glad we did!⁠

➔ Design. We didn’t use a theme. We created a custom design for our website based on some of the most recent trends in web design. Then built in on our favorite platform: WordPress⁠

SERVICES PROVIDED: Website Development & Business Automation

OUR TOOLS: WordPress, Elementor Pro,  Keap,  Image Compressor, Adobe Photoshop, inVision