New Website: Ernestine’s Daughter

New Website: Ernestine’s Daughter

Ernestine’s Daughter is a not-for-profit organization focused on providing healing, hope, and freedom for survivors. Their mission is to provide women with a safe space for self-care and self-reflection to improve their lifestyles and to provide healing from gender-based violence. The organization focuses their efforts in several marginalized communities in Chicago where women have experienced trauma from dating and intimate partner violence and sexual abuse from family members and become vulnerable to recruitment in the illicit sex trade.

When we met with founder and CEO Brenda Meyers-Powell to discuss her vision for the new organization’s website, we were struck by her dedication and commitment to this worthy cause. We wanted to build a site that was beautiful and functional to support the mission of Ernestine’s Daughter, spread awareness of their vital cause, and help drive donations to enable their efforts across Chicagoland. 

You can visit the site today at

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