True Tech Tip of the Week: A New Use for Apple AirTags

True Tech Tip of the Week: A New Use for Apple AirTags

⚙️ TRUE TECH Tip of the Week ⚙️

Anthony and Jamie recently started letting our cats enjoy outside time every day. Although they always came back, they definitely had a sense of uneasiness around the fact they could be anywhere and if they didn’t wander back home, they’d have  no clue where to even look for them.

Enter Apple AirTags




With a quick Amazon search, Anthony found some inexpensive collars for pets that have a special holder for an AirTag. After reading reviews and forums on if this was a good idea, he purchased two collars and Anthony and Jamie LOVE how we always know where our cats are when they go outside.



There are other similar products for all kinds of uses–Teri’s got keychains with AirTags connected to her kids’ backpacks, so when they inevitably leave them at school or on the bus, they know where to go look for them. And on a recent family trip to Dollywood, and her husband had the kids wear bracelets to hold the AirTags, just in case they got separated at the amusement park. (Thankfully, there was no need to snap into action, but it brought a lot of peace of mind!).

AirTags are a nifty bit of tech that are affordable and easy to implement. How do you use them at your house?