New Website: McKenzie Psychiatry

New Website: McKenzie Psychiatry

Dr. James B. McKenzie is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist with an online practice in Tennessee, Massachusetts and Illinois. It’s been a goal of his to build out a new website highlighting his availability as a sole practitioner in these areas, and True Productions was happy to help him establish his online footprint…

Especially since he’s married to Manas!

If you’ve been watching our socials, you know that Manas took this on as a special, individual growth project. Though her role here at True Productions is Creative Designer and we don’t see that changing any time soon, she was excited to stretch her capabilities and learn more about the development side of things, so she took on a challenge: Design a website for Dr. McKenzie from start to finish AND build it on WordPress. She’s been documenting that journey on Instagram and we’re proud to unveil the final site

In laying out the design, Manas chose a calming color palette to communicate health, wellness, and stability. The photos incorporate young adults and youths from different backgrounds to highlight Dr. McKenzie’s focus on diversity and equity in his practice. Throughout the site, a recurring botanical motif brings visual interest but also grounds the virtual practice in the physical world. 

You can visit the site today at

SERVICES PROVIDED: Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Logo Design

OUR TOOLS: WordPress, Elementor Pro, Image Compressor, Adobe Creative Suite, inVision, Figma