True Tech Tip #12: Use Smart Lights & Plugs for Your Holiday Lights

TRUE TECH Tip of the Week Are you still turning your holiday lights on and off BY HAND? Remember how the old infomercials used to say “There’s GOT to be a better way!” Well, there is! Watch Anthony’s Tech Tip of the Week to learn how to use a smart lights and smart plugs to

True Tech Tip #11: Protect your Passwords with a Secure Password Vault

TRUE TECH Tip of the Week Do you have trouble remembering your password? Surely, you know you’re not supposed to use the same password again and again, but who can remember a different password for each website? Plus, every new account you sign up for is getting more and more complicated with their password requirements:

True Tech Tip #10: Program Your Smart Thermostat for Heat & Cool

TRUE TECH Tip of the Week This week’s Tech Tip is probably most useful for your home, rather than your office, but it’s still a great tip. With the weather changing, we all know how hard it is to get and keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature. Watch Anthony’s Tech Tip of

True Tech Tip #8: How to Reopen a Closed Browser Tab

TRUE TECH Tip of the Week Have you ever been browsing the web and accidentally closed a tab? You might be tempted to go digging for it in your browsing history, but Anthony’s here with this week’s tech tip to show you a better way to recover lost Chrome, Safari, or Firefox tabs. Check it

True Tech Tip #7: Use Shared Notes to Manage Groceries or other Shared Tasks

TRUE TECH Tip of the Week Apples?  Bananas?  Milk?  Bread?  What’s on your grocery list? In this week’s True Tech Tip, Anthony shares a simple iOS feature that can help you keep your life organized–shared lists!  Using the Notes feature and sharing tools allows you to shop with an interactive list that updates in real time. Found another

True Tech Tip #6: How to REALLY Block Those Annoying Pop Ups

⚙️TRUE TECH Tip of the Week ⚙️ Pop! Pop! Pop! It’s not 🍿 popcorn, it’s more annoying popups! Tune in to this week’s True Tech Tip to have Anthony teach you how to install an ad blocker so you can go back to browsing in peace.

True Tech Tip #5: Ready for Your Closeup?

Lights!  Camera!   Action!   Are you ready for your closeup? Your Zoom closeup, that is. Tune into this week’s True Tech Tip for the single check box that will improve your video quality on Zoom calls. It makes all the difference when you’re looking to put your best foot forward in a digital world.  

True Tech Tip #4: Easily Locate Circuit Breakers

What’s everyone’s favorite day at school? 📅  FIELD TRIP! Take a trip to Anthony’s basement in this this week’s Tech Tip video to learn the best, safest way to locate the circuit breaker you need. (Okay, maybe this one’s a little different than your typical Tech Tip from True, but good luck getting your tech