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Why Are Chicago Live Stream Services More Important Than Ever?

Virtual events are vital right now. The emergence of Covid-19 has caused countless in-person events to shift to virtual platforms. Enlisting professional Chicago live stream services brings virtual events to life with a fully immersive, interactive, and impressive virtual event.

Chicago live stream services allow events to live on digitally while prioritizing the health and safety of all participants. True Productions is a premier Chicago event streaming company that creates and produces stunning content to be flawlessly live streamed.

At True Productions, we know how much work goes into planning and hosting events, and this same attention to detail should still be given for live streamed events. A Chicago live stream company can ensure that your virtual event looks great and runs smoothly throughout.

With our exceptional Chicago live stream services, your event can thrive digitally. True Productions focuses on service and customer satisfaction above all else. Whatever your needs are, we will meet them with our Chicago live stream services. Enlisting our expertise in live streaming will help you make a great impression on all participants.

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How Does A Chicago Event Streaming Company Create High-Quality Content?

Making a virtual event feel like the real thing is not an easy task, but a professional Chicago event streaming company can accomplish this. With the best equipment and software around, your event’s attendees will be wowed.

One of the key aspects for live streaming successfully and impressively is to use state-of-the-art cameras. Streaming from a computer or cell phone’s built-in webcam simply won’t cut it. True Productions is a Chicago event streaming company that also specializes in photography and videography.

Because of this, we use the highest quality cameras, equipment, software, and programming to shoot stunning video that will look incredible live streamed. Our crew can travel to your location whether it’s a Chicago office or even a performance venue out-of-state.

Right now, Zoom is the most popular platform for meetings and events. A Chicago event streaming company can make your Zoom meeting or event look as high-quality as a TV show. For Zoom events, we use MimoLive to deliver outstanding quality. With MimoLive, your computer is connected to our professional cameras to be streamed online.

Zoom picks up the feed from our cameras and streams it as though it were a built-in webcam. Essentially, your live streamed event has the look, feel, and quality of a professionally edited video. You can pre-record some pieces of the event in advance to be edited and added into the live stream seamlessly or you can do everything live.

At True Productions, our Chicago live stream services are catered to you and your needs. We function as a versatile Chicago live stream company so we can help with anything related to video production or live streaming.

Our expertise in photography, videography, and live streaming helps our clients make a great impression with the level of quality that we provide. We have a wide range of tools, resources, and services that you can enlist depending on your needs for Chicago live stream services including:

  • Blackmagic URSA Cameras
  • EyeDirect Teleprompter
  • Fillex Light Kit
  • Adobe Premier & Adobe After Effects
  • Pipe & Drape
  • Lavalier Microphones
  • Vimeo Live & Vimeo Chat
  • On-Set Hair and Makeup
  • MimoLive
  • Chicago Business VOIP
  • Infusionsoft
  • WordPress
  • iMember360
  • Zoom

What Events Can I Use A Chicago Live Streaming Company For?

A Chicago live streaming company can make any event a success with high-quality, professional live streaming content. There are countless events that you can live stream successfully with a Chicago event streaming company, some of which include:


Professional events require a professional look and feel. If your organization is hosting a seminar or webinar, you don’t want it to look like you’re streaming off of a laptop’s built-in camera with low-quality sound and picture. Instead, you want to provide your guests with a high-quality experience using a Chicago live streaming company.


Similar to seminars, conferences also require professionalism in live streaming. A Chicago live streaming company will ensure that your conference is well put-together, high-quality, and runs seamlessly.  


Graduations are a momentous occasion, and its live streaming should reflect that. With a premier Chicago event streaming company like True Productions, this event can function virtually and feel like the real thing.

Performances & Concerts

Live streamed performances must have high-quality audio and video to make the audience feel as though they are in-person. A professional Chicago live streaming company has the tools and equipment to deliver this experience to the intended audience.

And More

The events listed above are some of the most popular occasions that people hire Chicago live stream services for, but the opportunities for live streaming are endless. If you have an event, it can be live streamed. At True Productions, we adapt every project to our client’s specific needs, so we can live stream any kind of virtual event.

Why Hire A Chicago Live Stream Company?

Live streaming an event without any technical difficulties or errors requires expertise and experience. A leading Chicago live stream company knows the ins and outs of live streaming on various platforms to ensure that your virtual event is a success. Listed below are some of the main benefits of working with a Chicago live stream company:

  • Professionalism – A good Chicago live stream company is professional in every phase of the project. Additionally, they will ensure that your event conveys a professional look with expert Chicago live stream services.
  • Quality – Maintaining high-quality throughout is imperative for a successful live stream event. Lighting, sound, connection, resolution, and more should all be high-quality to produce an impressive event from start to finish. True Productions has the tools and experts to achieve the highest quality of video production.
  • Technology – To achieve high-quality live streaming, you need the best and most advanced technology. Working with a Chicago event streaming company lets you utilize state-of-the-art streaming technology and skilled experts.
  • Flexibility – Events can always change at the last minute. A good Chicago live streaming company will be able to adapt to any changes quickly and efficiently. At True Productions, we have seen firsthand how challenges arise, and we know exactly how to overcome them to execute the final product without compromising quality.
  • Support – Live streaming is difficult for many businesses to master because of the technology involved. While it is possible to handle live streaming on your own from a computer, being able to rely on technical support expertise throughout the process is a tremendous advantage.

True Productions – A Leading Chicago Live Stream Company

When it comes to live streaming, True Productions stands out for the exceptional services and solutions that we provide. As a premier Chicago live stream company, we work closely with our clients from the start to create a strong relationship and meet all goals and expectations.

A Chicago live stream company like True Productions lets you bring your virtual events to life. Whether you want to host a professional webinar or lively performance, True Productions will deliver outstanding results in Chicago live stream services.

At True Productions, we focus on providing the highest quality of customer service possible. All of our Chicago live stream services are tailor-made to help our clients achieve business success and impress their audience.

Want to know if working with a Chicago live streaming company is a good fit for your business? Our team is always happy to help. To learn more about Chicago live stream services, please call (312) 392-0878 or Click Here to get started!