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As a full service digital agency, True Productions has the expertise you need to create (or revamp!) your organization’s brand guidelines and logo design. 

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Do you need to create brand guidelines or create a logo?

If you’re looking for a digital agency to help create your brand guidelines, let True Productions help you customize your brand guidelines and logo creation. Our team will work through our proven process to learn about your organization, culture, and goals to develop a branding guide that can help guide style choices for years to come. 

True Productions brand guideline package includes creation of a new logo, an outline of how the logo should be used (and how it should not be used), brand colors, and typography with examples. The brand guidelines also include information about who the company is, what your priorities are, your mission or vision statement, the tone of voice for communications, and your target audience. 

These elements taken together help your team to create cohesive and well-designed media in the future, whether that’s written communication, digital advertisements, web elements, print ads, or more. 

Why Work with True Productions on your Brand Guidelines or Logo Package?

Our expert design team works to learn about you and your organization, and then uses that information to build a brand guideline package or logo package that’s uniquely yours. No two brands are alike, and our professional brand guidelines reflect that. 


Our creative designer will create three rounds of logo comps, using your feedback to perfect the look, style, and color of YOUR new logo.


Typography plays a large role in the brand identity. Typography defines all of the fonts you'll use and how they should be used. Our creative team takes the hard work out of design choices by giving you fonts that complement each other and your brand.

Tone of Voice

To define your tone of voice, we'll create brand attributes with you that are guiding principles for how you communicate. At True, our tone is confident, credible, approachable, and humorous. We keep these elements in mind whenever we communicate.

Color Palette

Color palette includes your core brand colors, with CMYK, RGB, and Hex Color codes for accuracy. We'll also provide a secondary color palette for complementary or accent color use and a hierarchy to help guide you in the future.

Image Style

Photography style helps with the selection of stock photography or guides your custom photo or video shoot. We'll give guidance on types of photos (with examples) that will support the brand guidelines, including color, lighting, formality, and more.


When we define iconography, we outline an icon style. Will you use simple outlines, two color icons, a full-color realistic icon? Which style will support the brand guidelines we've built. We'll tell you exactly what to do and create examples for you.

Why Choose True Productions to Create Your Brand Guidelines or Logo Package?

True Productions is a premier digital media agency that specializes in web design and graphic design, including Logo Development and Brand Guideline Development. Our creative team will deliver well-designed, data-driven, and expertly crafted brand guidelines that represent who you are and what you do.

True Productions stands out as creative experts because we cultivate close relationships with our clients. We seek to understand their mission, identity, goals, and use our expertise in design to bring these elements to life.

Brand Guidelines and Logo Design Experts
Brand Guidelines and Logo Design Experts
Brand Guidelines and Logo Design Experts
Brand Guidelines and Logo Design Experts
Brand Guidelines and Logo Design Experts
Brand Guidelines and Logo Design Experts

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Expert LearnDash Developer
Expert LearnDash Developer
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Expert LearnDash Developer

"True Productions has been amazing to work with."

“They are incredibly professional and always go above and beyond! They are problem solvers who seek to serve their clients with excellence! I would recommend them to everyone!”

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Custom Brand Guidelines are for New Organizations OR Existing Organizations

If you’re just starting out, you need a creative team to help build your brand guidelines. Hire True Productions as the creative experts who can help establish your business identity with professional brand guidelines and logo design. 

If you’ve never been through this process as an organization, it’s still worth hiring a team of creative experts to confirm that you’re conveying all of the right things with your design elements and help make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Ready to take the next step? Give us a call! 

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Are you ready to put your best foot forward as a business by creating professional brand guidelines or a new logo? Look no further than True Productions. As experts in creative design, our team is always happy to give more information or help you get started today. Call (312) 392-0878 or you may Contact Us Here!