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For over 12 years, we have been using WordPress to transform the online experiences of our clients. Not only do we use it personally for our own site, we believe in its ability to make changes quickly, remain stable and secure, connect to an infinite number of products and services, and work well with search engines. No doubt there are many other ways to build a website, but we have created a recipe for success using WordPress that we repeat every day for our clients.

When you choose to work with us, you get the backing of a talented group of professionals all working together to achieve success for your project. I often say in the sales process that we are not a Freelancer living in his mother’s basement and the reason for me saying that is because we pride ourselves on our ability to offer project management services, creative direction, technical design and development, and countless resources that we have fostered and relationships we have nurtured over the years that we can bring to your project. With freelancers, it’s up to you to hire each role individually or look for someone who is a master of all trades which is pretty rare, especially for web design.

There is also increased accountability and professionalism expected from creative agencies. With agencies, you can read online reviews ahead of time on Google, Facebook, and other online platforms. Freelancers don’t have the same level of online transparency. You must rely on the references they give you.

Creative agencies have more of a reputation to uphold, which means being able to hold them accountable for our work. With a freelancer, plagiarism is a common problem because they’re under pressure to pump out many different jobs in as little time as possible.

A dedicated project manager is beneficial to the client because they act as the main point of contact for any questions about the design project. When designers and developers are working on creative projects, they rarely have the time to reply right away to client questions. When you have a dedicated project manager, you can always expect a prompt response along with proactive updates.

Project managers are also necessary for the agency because they help the team stay on schedule and on budget. They can also act as quality control, everything that’s passed from the creative team to the client goes through another pair of eyes to ensure the quality of the work.

True Productions uses Trello and other resources to help manage tasks between the team and communicate with clients.

Building a website varies depending on the scope of the project and the complexity of the work to be done. We have been able to turn over webpages as soon as same day, or we have also worked on projects that have taken six months or longer. Ultimately, it’s our job to make sure the timelines are clearly communicated with you throughout the process of working with us. Through our project management services, clear expectations, timelines, and deliverables will be given to you as we move through the stages of working together. We always pride ourselves in our ability to meet and exceed deadlines and expectations as our business is ultimately follows a service-based model.

The best way for us to start working together is to either schedule a zoom meeting so that we can introduce you to our team or have a face-to-face meeting. From there, we can discuss all aspects of working together and answer any questions that you have. We will always follow the logic of relationship building and will put that over anything else. Ultimately, working with us means that we are establishing a relationship together. You don’t work with a company like ours as a one off. We still have clients that have been working with us for over 12 years and we pride ourselves on that very much.

With the Internet being what it is today, we are able to work with people in our same state as well as in our same country as well as all across the world. In fact, our development team is in Sofia, Bulgaria. Through zoom, Google, the Internet, and other resources available to us, we are able to literally connect with and work from anywhere.

Every client is unique, and therefore our payment options are extremely unique and flexible as well. We are able to except cash, credit cards, checks, and direct ACH payments. Our payment terms are usually 50% down to engage and start a project together and the remaining balance is due to launch the website or send the downloadable video to you.

We often get asked what constitutes a page of a website since our pricing model is based on the number of pages. We determine a page to be a separate part of the website that has a link to navigate to it and it lives on as its own page that you can navigate to with a hyperlink. Often, we build long pages that have multiple sections in them and can be linked with anchor tags. A section of a page is not considered to be a brand new page.

A revision round means that we have sent you something and are asking for your feedback. When you provide your feedback and we then execute on that feedback, that is considered to be one round of revisions. Most of our projects include two rounds of revisions. This means that you first receive an initial draft of something, then provide your feedback, then we make those changes and send back to you. This is the first round. You then get to make additional changes, we make them, and send them back and that is considered the second completed round of revisions.

We have a pre-their process that is 10 steps to success with your next project with us. In this pre-development process, we go through everything from research and development to site map build out, to wire frames and high fidelity comps, to Moodboards and more. We have found this process to be very successful and cut down on the number of changes back-and-forth with you and your team. It also allows us to serve I thought leaders and not simply outputting what are you and your firm are thinking. You are expecting us to have answers for you and help you achieve something that you do not know how to do yourself. It is in both of our interests to make sure that our team is as well-versed in the nature of your business as you are.

Video production is a three-step process. It starts with the pre-production phase in which we get all of the shooting details specified, provide Scripps and shooting day timelines, do site surveys and walk-throughs of the locations, speak with you and your team about the goals of the production and then schedule everything for production. During the production phase, we actually shoot the video and have all Crew and talent on site. Once the production phase is complete, the post-production phase is where all of the editing happens in order to make the final video and deliver it to you.

One of the many reasons we like to WordPress platform is because it gives you and your team the freedom and flexibility to make changes whenever you need to make them. Our team will speak with you personally or produce real video training that you are able to look back on at any time and see with confidence how to make specific changes to your website. The WordPress platform is open source and has a long history of being user-friendly even for a novice developer. We build using a visual builder that will allow you to see the changes you wish to make before committing to them. We are always a phone call away as well to assist with any changes to your website. Our WP engine server takes nightly back ups so worst case scenario, we revert to a back up if you really did something gnarly.

We are open Monday through Thursday from 7 AM to 5 PM central time. On Fridays, we are working however we except phone calls and zoom meetings and in person meetings by invitation only.

Yes, we have been and continue to be certified in the Keap CRM platform. Our certification allows us to stay current with the most recent changes and happenings with the software as well as give you the confidence in knowing that the work we are performing is done in an extremely high level of understanding with the tool. You can feel confident that any CRM development that we are achieving for you inside of the Keap platform is done at a highly certified level.

You can use any form of communication necessary to get in contact with our team. We have a 24/7office line that will alert us if you leave a message at any hour, day or night. We all have access to email, and Anthony offers his personal cell phone in every email correspondence that he sends. You can also try carrier pigeon or other method – we are always open to new ideas.

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