WordPress Membership Sites

Do You Need a WordPress Membership Site?

If you’re considering building a WordPress membership site, let True Productions help you customize your ideal membership experience with iMember360. iMember360 is a WordPress membership platform that turns your website into a customized experience for each member.  

You might be thinking that you don’t deliver paid content, so you don’t need a Membership site. But there’s so much more to it than that! You can use iMember360 to lock down paid content, true, but it also allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the user experience. A WordPress membership site is easy to use, provides specific access, is totally secure, fully automated, and integrates with a range of CRM and LMS soltions, including Keap and LearnDash (two of our favorites!). 

If you’re wondering how a membership site can help your customers receive a world-class custom experience on your site, let’s chat! We’re here to help! 

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring True Productions for Your WordPress Membership Site?

True Productions has the experience you need in designing and developing WordPress membership sites with iMember360. We work with you to understand what your customers want and need, and build a custom journey that perfectly represents YOU. 

Responsive Layouts

When you’re looking for a WordPress Membership site, know that responsive development for mobile devices is vital. Our team creates sites that sense the type of device that your customers are using and automatically adapt to work on all devices.

Totally Secure

True Productions uses iMember360’s wide range of tools to provide your members with exactly the right access, secured by their username and password. 

Operate Flawlessly

When designing a WordPress membership site, it’s important that everything works as intended. iMember360 integrates with your CRM solution to control who receives access to what and when. No guessing. 

CRM Integration

iMember360 integrates with your CRM seamlessly, taking all its cues from the same contact records you’re working with. Take action on customers based on an automated email, use the system to apply a tag, and instantly grant membership access. Easy! 

Locked Down Content

It’s not impossible to develop a WordPress membership site all on your own, but it’s not a simple process. When you work with a professional WordPress developer team like True Productions, you gain access to the industry’s best software, tools, programs, and skilled experts

Why Work With a WordPress Membership Site Company?

As WordPress specialists (we’re also a Keap Certified Partner!), we know what it takes to build exceptional membership sites using iMember360. 

You don’t want to stumble around trying to figure it out on your own. Call in the experts who can not only execute what you envision, but teach you what’s possible with a tool like iMember360. The sky is the limit!  

True Productions – A Leading Developer for WordPress Membership Sites

True Productions is a premier digital media company that specializes in marketing automation and e-commerce solutions for small businesses in and around the world–including a whole host of financial advisors like yourself. For years, our work as developers for WordPress membership sites has helped our clients grow, advance, and excel.

At True Productions, we have seen firsthand how the right WordPress solution has utterly transformed our client’s businesses for the better. We tailor our website solutions to meet your specific needs and operations.

If you would like to learn more about our work as website developers for financial services, True Productions would love to help. Our experts in WordPress Development are always happy to answer questions and offer guidance. Call us at (312) 392-0878 or Contact Us Here!