Everything You Need to Know About Automation You Learned in Kindergarten, Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of our new video series, “Everything You Need to Know About Automation You Learned in Kindergarten.” In these fun, short videos, Anthony breaks down a new automation topic, teaching you tips and tricks for getting your Infusionsoft app to work for you.

Active participation in class is a big deal, even in Kindergarten. If you haven’t had a kid in school for a while, you may not realize that even Kindergartners are having classes on Zoom these days. If you thought YOUR virtual meetings were tough, try keeping the attention of 20 individual five year olds!

Just as a teacher needs to know that you’re actively participating in class, you as a businessperson need to know how folks are interacting with your services and products, and that’s where surveys come into play.






Check out the video below as Anthony tells you how to get the most out of your customer surveys. We’re building in Infusionsoft/Keap, but this one has awesome tips for marketers no matter which CRM you’re using, be it Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, or another tool.