What are your company’s New Year’s resolutions?

What are your company’s New Year’s resolutions?

Ah, January. Fresh start. A new leaf. A fresh calendar. The season of best intentions. 

Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions in our personal life, but what about for your business? Here are a few suggestions to consider when thinking about your goals for 2022. 

1. Make your business processes work for you. 

Are your business operations fragmented? Do you have to manually move data from one system to another? Are you still printing out checklists, setting reminders with post-it notes, following up with customers manually by copying and pasting messaging you use over and over again, or generating shipping labels by hand? At True Productions, we specialize in making your business work for you, by making sure that all the tools you need to get the job done can talk to each other, to help you create business operations that make sense for you and your team. In 2022, don’t feel like you have to do things that way just because that’s the way you’ve always done it. We’d challenge you to really consider what you’re doing and why, and if you’re ready for an upgrade, give us a call to talk through how we can help. 

2. Build a website.

If you’ve been dragging your feet on staking out your personal corner of the Internet, now is the time. Even businesses whose operations have to happen face-to-face are finding that a web presence is indispensable these days. The Small Business Roundtable’s annual report said that in 2020 many businesses are using web presence for awareness, customer acquisition, e-commerce capabilities, and digital fulfillment (no touch) where possible, and this point becomes more important with every passing day. Our web team can build you a site that’s both beautifully designed and expertly executed. If you’re not online, there’s never been a better time to build a site. Let’s talk! 

3. Refresh your look. 

Is your website ready for a facelift? Perhaps it’s functional, but showing its age? Schedule a design consultation with our team to discuss what you might need. We have a range of pre-development options based on where you are in your understanding of your target market and what your goals are. Design discussions aren’t just for new websites–you’d be surprised what new market research can teach you about your clientele, and how great it can be to have a website tailored to their exact needs. Connect with us today. 

4. Take it Live

Are you struggling to connect with your customers in this ongoing pandemic? Let’s talk about how Live Streaming could help you connect with your audience in a major way. We have a variety of Live Stream packages for a whole range of experiences. We all know it’s not always easy to get everyone in the same place anymore–if you can’t beat them, meet them online!