How to Use Infusionsoft to Create a Two-Factor Authorization Process: Part 1

Did you know you can create a 2-Factor Authorization (2FA) process in Infusionsoft, using some fairly basic tools built into the Campaign builder? Recently we built a 2FA process for a client of ours who wanted to be extra certain that the folks accessing their content were the intended users. In this two-part blog post,

Automation Hour with Keap: Stop Spambots From Joining Your List

Spambot submissions use other people’s email addresses to sign up on your web forms. Then, when you dutifully respond, the actual user marks you as spam. This can have a significant impact on your email deliverability. Anthony joined the team at Keap as a Featured Partner for Automation Hour on October 8th to share the

Everything You Need to Know About Automation You Learned in Kindergarten

True Productions is proud to kick off our new video series, called “Everything You Need to Know About Automation You Learned in Kindergarten.” In these fun, short videos, Anthony breaks down a new automation topic, teaching you tips and tricks for getting your Infusionsoft app to work for you. In this installment, Anthony talks about